Our Mission

Wellness Works engages the community in restoring hope and a sense of wholeness of body and soul to veterans and their families.
Our Vision

Through helping to restore hope and a sense of wholeness to veterans and their families, we envision helping to restore a sense of soul to our nation’s health care system.  The larger impact being a world that understands that peace within one’s self creates peace in the world.

Our Programs

We provide education, healing and opportunities for self-care in a safe, welcoming environment. Our core programs are built upon the belief that healing involves an exchange of giving and receiving. We offer a wide array of services because we recognize that the path toward healing for one, may not be the path of another.

Our Community

Wellness Works is an organization through which our community can create, support, and be part of providing a space for veterans to heal the stress and wounds of military service. As we promote the loving reintegration of veterans back into the surrounding community and honor their service, we strengthen our bond as a community.  Our work is sustained by community investments of time, service and money.

Our Values

We believe that each of us has the capacity, the right and the responsibility to experience wellness, a state of being at ease in body, emotions, mind and spirit, no matter what the circumstances of our lives. Therefore:

  • We value the spiritual dimension of life.
  • We value relationships that build community.
  • We value education, healing practices and ritual in their ability to empower, heal and raise consciousness.
  • We value the transforming energy and opportunities for growth that come from crisis and trauma.
  • We value integrity, compassion…and most of all, we value joy.

Lori Mizuno has worked in the nonprofit space since 2008. With her experience in operations, program management, business development, and strategy, Lori focused on increasing operational efficiency for better program outcomes and implementing strategic projects.

Lori graduated from the Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service at New York University with a Master of Public Administration, focusing on nonprofit management. She also received her B.A. in Comparative History of Ideas and a Minor in Human Rights from the University of Washington in Seattle, WA.

Rachel Warmack came to Wellness Works with over 38 years of Mortgage Industry experience.  In July of 2014 she retired from her position as a Director at ServiceLink.   


She is also community minded and has been involved with non-profits over the last 30 years, serving on the board of directors. She was on the Board of Directors of Wellness Works for 12 years and was a volunteer prior to becoming a board member.


Rachel has also served on the Board of her Homeowners Association for 8 years, of which 5 years she has been the President.

Our Staff

Nefreteri (Teri) Alvaro started with Wellness Works as an intern in 2013. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services at the University of Phoenix. She also offers her services at Wellness Works as a volunteer Pranic Healer. 


Teri has volunteered for other non-profit agencies as an event and program coordinator. Her past employment includes First 5 LA, Motheread/Fatheread, LAUSD, Catholic Charities, and RISARC - A health care consulting agency.

Lori Mizuno, MPA
Executive Director
Rachel Warmack
Administrative Director
Nefreteri (Teri) Alvaro
Operations Manager


Wellness Works Glendale is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Cliff Ishigaki